Equal-i Technology

Equal-i is the name of Array Telepresence’s patented image improvement algorithms, camera and Image Processor that dramatically improves the scene for telepresence-quality experiences using your existing videoconferencing codec in any standard conferencing room with standard elongated conference room tables and boardroom tables.

For dual screen systems the Array Equal-i 2S dual-headed camera is concealed at eye-level in a 1 inch space between two displays (curved or flat panel displays, however video walls are feasible as well), then the camera and space are concealed with a cover.

The Image Processor sits between the specially-designed camera and the videoconferencing codec.  It is running Array’s custom image improvement and equalization algorithms on wire-speed FPGA and geometry warping chips that dramatically improve the scene from two separate cameras each capturing ½ the room before sending it to the videoconferencing codec for compression

On the other side of the videoconferencing call, the Equal-i image processor receives a single videoconferencing stream from its codec and splits the stream into two different high-definition  streams allowing a single codec to power dual displays.

The resultant experience is measurably superior to 3 screen telepresence environments from Cisco and Polycom that cost $300,000+ for 1/20th  the cost.

The farthest participants are brought “up close and personal” increasing the pixel count on their faces by 6.5Xs that of a PTZ camera  while “Equal-i-zing” their size to the size of the closest participant.

Vertical eye-line is improved by ~13% over PTZ, meeting format is improved to a more “across the table” feel, stand-up capture is enabled, and the system powers a wide-format dual display using a single codec with no impact on bandwidth.

Key Features

Up Close and Personal Single-Screen Version
Better Eye-Line Low-Cost
Concealed Camera Better Horizontal Gaze Angle
Across-the-Table Format Use Your Existing Codec
Improved Multi-Point Use Your Existing Furniture
 Stand-Up Capture