About Array Telepresence 


Array Telepresence is transforming visual collaboration by creating innovative solutions to the big problems of quality-of-experience, affordability, and deploying quality video in conference rooms with elongated tables.


Our President and Founder, Herold Williams, has been at the forefront of immersive telepresence since its inception. Williams was the inventor of the TeleSuite, now called the Polycom RPX after Polycom bought the technology in 2007.


Williams now stands ready to once again propel the industry forward with his latest innovation: Equal-i – a revolutionary, patented telepresence camera and image processor with the ability to turn a traditional videoconferencing codec into a life- size telepresence environment for $13,995 and the cost of n additional display.


The Equal-i camera and image processor work with any videoconferencing system that takes an HDMI camera input. The camera is concealed at eye-level between dual displays and the image processor dramatically improves the scene before handing it off to the codec for the trip across the wire.


The farthest participants are brought “Up Close and Personal”, the amount of pixels on the farthest participants are increased by 6.5xs that of a PTZ, the eye-line and format are improved, and the image processor powers large format dual displays using a single codec with no impact on bandwidth or video network infrastructure.


The solution is superior to three-screen telepresence environments from Cisco and Polycom costing $300,000+ on a variety of fronts: Better eye-line, concealed camera, stand-up capture, better horizontal gaze angle, less-bandwidth usage, and unlike the “split-table” approach of three-screen environments, Equal-i fits into regular size conference rooms and is an excellent format for local meetings vs. everyone facing the same direction.


This combination of low-cost, ease-of-use, and easy deployability means that organizations can now cost-effectively upgrade dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of traditional videoconferencing rooms into life-size telepresence environments for a fraction of the cost of the existing alternatives.


Improved human factors translates into additional usage and end-user satisfaction which equals an improved ROI on your existing video investment. Just as important: Key executives are more visible and look better when communicating with partners, vendors, customers, analysts, and the press.


The company has additional innovations in the pipeline including a solution for large-format single-screen displays, 4k resolution and corporate board room solutions using quad Equal-i processing.


Array Telepresence is actively signing up resellers, systems integrators, and Pro-AV partners to begin upgrading the world’s 2,000,000+ sub-standard HD videoconferencing systems.


Company Values 




Array Telepresence is much more than just an immersive telepresence manufacturing company. We are true innovators and have been that way from the very beginning. We don't just take existing concepts and make them our own. We develop new concepts and products that address the challenges of the ever-changing video conferencing industry. We take ideas, turn them into relevant products and bring them to the marketplace as quickly as possible. But we don't just do this in a lab or boardroom. We take a hands-on approach to developing and improving our products, spending time in facilities listening to those people who use our products every day. We rely on feedback from clients and experiences in the field to develop products that will ultimately enhance our customer's overall experience.




Our seasoned sales team truly cares about the customer and their experience. Whether in a boardroom or a small meeting room, we take the time to listen and respond to the needs of the rapidly changing market. Our customer service teams ensure responsive, personalized service for the length of customers' relationship with Array Telepresence. Our customers demand total satisfaction from our products and service, and we demand that our people give them that satisfaction.




Our current facility in West Chester, Ohio is a testament to quality. Our manufacturing and operations personnel are the backbone of our success. At end of the day, we are truly a manufacturing company. In a time when more and more products are being manufactured overseas, our circuit boards, programmers, and product assembly are all 100% American made. We take great pride in the fact that our products are made right here in West Chester, Ohio, USA!




The Array Telepresence name is synonymous with quality. Our customers expect it, and we go out of our way to deliver it. This includes not only how we develop our products, but also how we manufacture and release them to our customers. Our exhaustive battery of tests and rigorous inspection processes ensure our products exceed all quality standards.