Though the supplied cables are HDMI, and the ports on both the DX Camera Module and Image Processor are also HDMI, it is not an actual HDMI signal that is transmitted.  For this reason, it is not possible to use an HDMI Extender between the camera module and the Image Processor.

For installations that have equipment stored in an alternative space other than the conference room, we recommend mounting the Image Processor behind either of the displays. From there, the output HDMI from the Image Processor can be extended to a rack or control room located elsewhere.

It should also be noted that the supplied HDMI cables have been carefully and specifically selected to work with the Camera Module. Use of a different HDMI cable will likely have undesired results, including (but not limited to) no image, loss in image quality, and unstable images. For this reason it is HIGHLY recommended to use only the supplied cables to connect the DX Camera Module to the 2S Image Processor.