Take the following steps in the event that you are not getting any image on your display(s):

1. Verify that your display is ON and the correct input is selected.

2. Verify that the Equal-i Image Processor is plugged in and powered on.

3. Verify that the Equal-i system is ON via the Android/Crestron/Windows Control Application

4. If you are able to physically access the Equal-i Image Processor, listen for the fans inside the unit and verify that the power light is illuminated.

   - If the light is on, but the fans are off, then the unit is in "Sleep" mode.  You can wake the unit up by pressing the On button via the Android/Crestron/Windows Control Application.

   - If the light and fans are both on, then verify that all cables are securely attached to the appropriate ports on the unit

     Warning:  Be sure that the Image Processor is unplugged when connecting/disconnecting camera cables

Once you have taken the above listed steps and the image is still not displaying, please contact your Pro AV and system integration technician for further troubleshooting and/or next steps. If you are a representative of the Pro AV organization, please contact the manufacturer for further information.