Before troubleshooting further, you should first cycle the power to the Equal-i Image Processor by:

· Within the Equal-i Control App, select Menu > Reboot

· Unplug the power to the Image Processor for 10 seconds then plugging it back in.

If that does not resolve the issue, then take the following steps to change the framerate of the Image Processor output:

1. Launch the Windows Equal-i Control app

2. Access the Settings Menu

   Note:  The password to access the Settings Menu is: ATEQi2S!

3. Select the Camera tab

4. In the Framerate dropdown, select the alternate option for output.

   Note:  Factory default is 1080p @ 30fps

5. Click Save

6. Select Menu > Reboot

If you have taken the above steps and the issue persists, please contact your Pro AV and system integration technician for further troubleshooting and/or next steps. If you are a representative of the Pro AV organization, please contact the manufacturer for further information.